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Unsolicited Calls From an IT Firm to Fix Your PC

A client of mine was called today due to problems on their PC being seen on the Internet. They unfortunately allowed themselves to be tricked into running TeamViewer, a remote control program. The good news is they balked at giving a credit card number, thank goodness.


The FBI is working to get the word out about the DNSChanger virus which has infected around 500,000 PCs throughout the US and up to 4 million worldwide. This particular virus has a specific goal in mind. It wishes to lead you to malicious DNS servers to the benefit of the hackers. The hackers set up advertising accounts and websites, then used the rogue DNS servers to manipulate your Internet activity to boost their advertising revenue and sales.

How to Kill a PC!

Chassis Starting to Get Covered

Seems that computers have gotten so cheap that they are practically disposable. Well, it appears that way when people never do any regular maintenance on their systems. Sure you can get a basic system for around $500 that will blow away any system that was shipped with Windows XP, but taking care of a system allows you to have a PC that lasts. That lets you upgrade on YOUR schedule and not need to rush out to buy a new system and deal with all that entails.

Why doesn't Vikkex sell PCs?

This has come up a few times and as I put forth in the website it comes down to perspective. Servicing PCs is the most profitable part of an IT business, yet most firms dwell on sales. I understand that sales often lead to future service, but there is a dark side to that paradigm.

I have worked for a couple of firms and it seems that when hardware sales is the prime goal, everything is a hardware problem.

A good example was a client I assisted recently. I had to bail out a failed tech. The client had a problem that was very specific. They had a warning that their fan was failing.

Online Backups

A client recently inquired about using an online backup service to replace their entire backup requirement. Now having an off-site backup which is done automatically is a great thing. However, there are certain limitations to the technology.

Now, I will not name any specific service at this time, but I will try to explain how such services work and why a good amount planning should go into using these services.

To Stripe or Not to Stripe, That Is the Question.

Recently, a client found himself in the midst of a severe data loss. It came down to his hardware configuration that made data recovery extremely difficult.